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PT 100 Bearing RTD

Many applications require continuous temperature monitoring of bearing housing. The PT 100 Bearing Temperature RTDs due to their linear resistance-temperature characteristic are used for temperature sensing, measurement and control of these devices. The output signal of RTD/ BTD is given to a temperature indicator or a temperature controller for achieving the desired measurement and control.


  1. Various lead lengths and colour codes of wires can be supplied.
  2. Customized designs and various metal housings can be supplied.

The RTDs are available in various dimensions right from small Bead type sensors to Plate type RTDs. The BTDs are manufactured as per customer requirements and design. Please contact us for readily available, standard designs and special designs.


The PT100 BTDs can be used for continuous temperature indication and monitoring of bearing housing for the following equipments:

  1. AC Motors.
  2. DC Motors.
  3. AC Generators (Alternators).
  4. Transformers