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PT 100 Bearing RTD

Many applications require continuous temperature monitoring of various devices to measure average temperature in the slot / core, Slot RTDs can detect hot-spot in the winding. The Slot Resistance Temperature Detectors (SRTDs), due to their linear Resistance - Temperature characteristics, is used for temperature sensing, measurement & control of winding / machines.

Temperature up to 200ºC can be monitored and controlled with this type of Slot RTDs.

The Slot RTDs are used widely to monitor the winding temperature of Electric Motors (AC & DC) and Alternators. Due to their various sizes the Slot RTDs can be placed directly in the stator slots.


  1. Customize dimension of sensing element can be supplied on request. 
  2. Available in wire wound version and Bulb version. 
  3. Various lead length and color codes wire can be supplied.
  4. Various color code UL approved lead wires can be supplied on request.
  5. Ex-stock delivery of standard Sizes.

Please contact the factory for readily available and standard designs


The Slot RTDs can be used for continuous temperature indication and monitoring of the following:

  1. AC Motors (HT)  
  2. DC Motors
  3. AC Alternator
  4. Transformers
  5. Control Panel
  6. Heat Sink and Bus Bar